Sailing through Croatia means to sail the same waters that were home to legends. These include the Homeric hero, Odysseus, as well as St. Paul, who were both shipwrecked here and forced to spend time on the Croatian island of Mljet located in Southern Dalmatia. History buffs can also trace the journey of the famous merchant Marco Polo, who set his sails from his native island of Korčula.

Autumn provides the perfect foil and backdrop to experience Croatia nautically, but the winds are so favorable in this part of the world all year round. It may surprise visitors to learn that no less than 262 cruising boat regattas have been held here since 2017. Examples of such regattas are the Mrduja or the Fiumanka regattas, and the South Dalmatian regatta held during the peak season between Korčula and Dubrovnik.

Thanks to the extremely favorable Mediterranean winds, many visit Croatia in the autumn to savor the natural beauty of over 1,200 gorgeous islands. And, did you know, Croatia harbors over 40 percent of the world’s charter fleet?

Sailing through the islands also means a distinct, unforgettable vantage point to see the country and its numerous coves and sandy beaches. Right on the coast of Croatia, there are over 60 marinas, as well as seasonal marinas that become vibrant and frequented during the busier autumn months.

Croatian Sights to See

If you’re unsure of how to start your nautical journey, here are some tips.

  • Regatta Your Way To the Islands: Take in a regatta to feel like you’re “gone with the wind.” There are many to choose from, including an all-ladies version!
  • Historical Sails: Not all islands are created equally when it comes to mooring boats, so choose from the thousands of options. If you’re a historian, opt for the 3,000-year-old statue of Apoxyomenos on Lošinj. Or perhaps visit the island of Brač to see the stone used in the White House…the possibilities are endless!
  • Soak in National Parks: Since many of the islands are so green, take this opportunity to explore the many national parks by boat, including those in Mljet, Krka, Paklenica, Kornati and Brijuni.

Why Sailing in Croatia in the Fall is a Must

Summer can be a little intense, heat wise, but in the fall, everything is perfect for those who want to sail these historical waters. Sailing in Croatia is a magical experience if you plan your visit to “avoid the crowds.” Here are reasons to raise your sails during the fall:

Less crowds: With summer captains done with their sailing, the crowds are less intense, even on the waters. This means you’ll have many beaches and coves completely to yourself, with endless opportunities to swim and soak in the natural beauty.

Lower (Or No) Mooring Fees: Many places no longer charge mooring fees in the fall so there are more chances for you to park your boat or ship free of charge (and this means you can put your savings to better use, like shop for coral souvenirs on the island of Zlarin, for instance!).

Choose Your Sail: With the craze of charters subsiding, fall becomes a perfect time for choices. You can sail out of the marina on the boat of your choice instead of settling for just what’s available. With the cooler temperatures and access to many more hidden bays, fall becomes the perfect foil for a nautical getaway to Croatia’s many islands.

Stable Winds: Every sailor’s dream is to have clear, sunny skies and perfect wind conditions, and this dream becomes a reality in the fall. Nighttime humidity deepens, so the boats are able to clean themselves to a shiny sparkle from the salty water droplets, and the voice of the ocean birds like seagulls are more pronounced as the traffic thins.

To sail, hear the hum of the ocean and birds and not worry about anything else….this is the stuff dreams are made of.

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