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“To walk alone in London is the greatest rest ” Virginia Woolf said. That might first seem contrary to the bustle of modern day London. However, London has so many hidden pockets that, once discovered, you might agree with her. On a recent stay, I found a wonderful alternative to Covent Garden London hotels with a charming flat providing much-needed comfort in one such secluded pocket while still being in the center of one of the most charming cities in the world.

King Street Flat Details

The flat on King Street is in the heart of Covent Garden on one of the side streets off the Covent Garden Piazza. The apartment is on a pedestrian-only street less than a five minute walk to underground stations, including Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

Entering the flat, you’ll walk directly to the elevator and go to the fourth floor. First appearances do not disappoint as the décor is in calming neutral tones and the wood floors are in a charming chevron pattern. The flat layout features its own entryway with a bathroom to the left, a bedroom straight ahead, and a combination living room/kitchen to the right. Tall windows provide street views perfect for capturing London sunsets. With shades and curtains on the windows, noise is minimal even though you are in a busy city center.

I worked comfortably in the flat, with a desk set up and a small dining room table. The Wi-Fi was always reliable, so keeping up with emails and other tasks was a breeze. There is no need to overpack, as the property includes a full-size washer and dryer. The bathroom is modern, with a shower and bathtub. I was well-equipped for my stay with basic toiletries and plenty of towels.

The wardrobe and closet were plentiful, so feel free to unpack and make yourself home. If you fancy a quiet night in, the kitchen cabinets contain the essential cutlery, plates, and bowls. Although sometimes rare in London, the refrigerator and freezer are full-sized to American standards. You won’t find that in any of the Covent Garden London hotels! Although I’m not much of a cook, I enjoyed storing the basics and having my morning breakfast here before heading out to explore for the day.

Once settled in, London is right at your doorstep, with Covent Garden providing many streets and alleyways to roam while you’re still near Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.

Spacious, light filled Covent Garden Living Room.
Covent Garden Living Room. Photo by Erin Jones.

A brief history of Covent Garden

Covent Garden is an area both locals and tourists enjoy featuring a lively vibe with many restaurants, shops, and theatres. However, Covent Garden has changed much over the centuries.

The site has been around since the 1500s and originated as Convent Garden, used as the garden to grow fruits and vegetables for the monks at Westminster Abbey. It was a well-known market selling flowers, fruits, and vegetables for quite a while, as portrayed in the popular Hollywood movie “My Fair Lady.”

Thankfully, the piazzas and surrounding buildings have been well maintained so that visitors can enjoy restaurants and vendors selling various wares. Throughout Covent Garden, you’ll find wagons full of greenery and flowers that point back to the area’s origination.

Covent Garden Wandering

As you step out of the flat and turn left, you’ll find a small archway leading into a lovely courtyard guiding you to Floral Street. With fairy lights strung from each side of the street, Floral Street is a beautiful place to meander once evening settles in. The narrow street boasts high-end clothing stores on either side, providing delightful window-shopping opportunities. I’m certain Floral is the kind of street Virginia Woolf was thinking about for a relaxing wander. At the end of the street, bustling crowds once again provide this London neighborhood with an air of energy and liveliness.

There are many theatres near Covent Garden so that you can catch a play or musical within minutes of the flat on King Street. Productions nearby include “Mama Mia” and “Frozen,” and the Royal Ballet performs at the Royal Opera House. Restaurants and cafes offer plenty of pre-theatre dining options.

Covent Garden is also home to the London Transport Museum which provides insight into the London underground train system and bus services. Solo travelers and families alike will enjoy the displays of artwork featured in stations and transportation vehicles used throughout the years.

Covent Garden Bedroom.
Covent Garden Bedroom. Photo by Erin Jones

London like a Local

I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Covent Garden and it encouraged me to explore an area previously undiscovered in my other London trips. The flat provided comfort to work when necessary and the perfect place to rest after wandering the streets of this part of the city. I recommend this alternative to Covent Garden London hotels.

The Covent Garden location offered the best parts of London, including exciting side streets, bustling crowds, and scenic architecture. If you find yourself on a London adventure, I hope you check out the flat on Kings Street and the Covent Garden area.

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  • Penny
    January 28, 2023

    If I ever get back to London, this is where I would love to stay!

    • Noreen Kompanik
      January 29, 2023

      We love it too, Penny. It looks lovely!