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The legendary Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza Town, a cornerstone of cultural, historical, and architectural significance in the Balearic Islands and a beacon of Ibiza’s bohemian spirit, has been returned to its former glory, 125 years after it was constructed in 1899.

Following a painstaking 16-year restoration, Teatro Pereyra is poised to reassert its position as the social and cultural hub of Ibiza. The restored theatre is to become a cutting-edge theatre and live music venue, the ultimate destination for live music lovers in Ibiza, and a beautiful cocktail bar & lounge, all scheduled to open in May 2024.

The reopening of Teatro Pereyra is a hugely significant event for Ibiza. The iconic theatre stands as a symbol of Ibiza’s bohemian identity and holds immense cultural, historical, and architectural value in the Balearic Islands. 

Teatro Pereyra was the first theatre constructed in Ibiza, a project that was powered by the enlightened elite at the foot of the Renaissance walls, officially opened in 1899. The opening of the Teatro coincided with the loss of Spain’s last colony in America, Cuba, and marked a period of economic and urban development on the island. The construction of the theatre signified Ibiza’s growth beyond the confines of the La Marina district and symbolized the flourishing of culture on the island at the turn of the century.

Teatro Pereyra Renovation

Teatro Pereira tile flooring.
Old Teatro Pereira tile flooring. Courtesy Teatro Pereyra

Sixteen years of rehabilitation work has been necessary to restore this building of late 19th-century French design to its original splendor, designated as a Cultural Heritage Site (BIC) by the regional government. Meticulous restoration efforts have preserved the unique period features, transforming the space into a cutting-edge live music and entertainment venue.

The historical venue will host a year-round program of interdisciplinary events, in line with its original conception, including cinema, performing arts, concerts, and more featuring both international and local artists.

“We intend to revive the traditional spirit of the theatre, serving as a communal space for both locals and visitors to mingle, allowing people from all walks of life to connect and indulge in a rich array of cultural and leisure pursuits,” Pedro Matutes Barceló, Pereyra’s owner, said. “Teatro Pereyra will meet the demand for an authentic and original venue befitting an establishment with 125 years of heritage.”

With 125 years of heritage, Teatro Pereyra has been transformed into a state-of-the-art theatre and live music venue for the Island.

Teatro Pereyra

Teatro Pereyra interior.
Teatro Pereyra interior. Courtesy Teatro Pereyra

Originally conceived as a French-inspired theatre, Pereyra is a 19th-century theatre equipped with 21st-century technology. Its design features a semi-circular configuration with a spacious stage equipped with three hydraulic platforms and a microphoned floor to accommodate flamenco performances.

The orchestra area comprises 256 movable seats, forming the central space, surrounded by 54 boxes on two levels. The upper area houses the theatre’s most informal space, known as ‘es Galliner’.

In addition, there will be a Meyer Sound surround sound system and state-of-the-art visual technology, providing an immersive experience under the artistic direction of musician and composer Nacho Cano.

Internationally renowned as a member of the band Mecano, with over 25 million records sold in the 1990s, and the creator of one of the most successful musicals of the moment on Madrid’s Gran Vía (the Spanish Broadway), Nacho Cano is a musician, composer, and producer with strong ties to the island. He will adapt Teatro Pereyra as a state-of-the-art venue for the 21st century.

Café Pereyra: Ibiza’s Live Music Temple 

As a prelude to the theatre, Café Pereyra reopens its doors as the hub of live music in Ibiza. During the day, visitors can enjoy casual breakfasts or lunches with unique views of the best-preserved Renaissance wall in the Mediterranean. The café boasts a sophisticated interior salon and a huge porch with a colonial-style façade, distinguished by its original pink hue.

By night, Café Pereyra will gather music enthusiasts and live music lovers to enjoy performances by The Pereyra’s Band in the heart of Ibiza, alongside the UNESCO World Heritage city, the port, and the marina which houses the island’s largest yachts. 

Sala Sandoval & Compañía: a lounge & cocktail club 

Sandoval & Compañía has been designed to evoke a feel of seductive Cuba, paying homage to the love story of Commander Pereyra and his wife, the driving forces behind the construction of Ibiza’s first theatre, which adopted the name of the military man who ended his career in Ibiza.

The lounge and cocktail club, situated on the first floor, will offer privileged views of the medieval city from its terrace and an elegant salon where guests can enjoy innovative cocktails inspired by the vibrant colours, passion, and exuberance of Cuban culture.

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