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Writing the next chapter in Sifnos’s storied culinary history, Bostani Bar and Restaurant is taking fine dining to the next level where fresh, local produce meets innovating cooking techniques. The bar is the perfect spot for a post-swim early aperitivo — may we suggest a Not so Bloody Mary or a Scent of Aegean Martini? 

Perched at the edge of Poulati cliff, below Verina Astra hotel, the restaurant is in a prime location for marveling at the view and infinite stargazing, while savoring the delectable dishes. 

Sifnos is a small island in the middle of the Aegean Sea, roughly four kilometers across, about twice that long at its widest. It is almost 200 kilometers south and slightly east of Athens.

Sifnos’ culinary traditions predate world-renowned Sifnian chef Nikolaos Tselementes, also known as the ‘father of Greek cookbooks’, who launched his career in the early 1900s, passing on the essence and abundance of Greek cuisine at home and abroad. A messenger of the history, traditionality and seasonality of food, Tselementes has left behind a legacy picked up by Bostani Bar and Restaurant.

Bostani Bar and Restaurant Sifnos, Greece, chef Nikos Thomas
Bostani Bar and Restaurant Sifnos, Greece, chef Nikos Thomas. Courtesy Bostani Bar and Restaurant.

Renowned chef Nikos Thomas is leading this multi-sensory experience, inspired by the celebrated local cuisine, elevated with modern cooking techniques. Wherever possible, the restaurant aims to source produce locally, whether from its very own bostani (vegetable garden) or local farmers and producers.

The Bostani team uses a number of techniques such as using oil and vinegar in order to preserve the seasonality of vegetables not available in the summer season. They also ferment a selection of produce, mainly vegetables, in no oxygen containers in order for them to acquire a stronger, deeper sense of taste and to achieving the ultimate gastronomic experience. 

Offering an explosion of flavors, the carefully curated menu includes everything from the most traditional revithada (chickpea stew) with a crayfish twist and the slow-cooked Sifnian goat in the hull (casserole) to modern takes including lamb grafts with chicken liver pate, carrot and vadouvan spice and watermelon married with tomato and olive from the garden.

The Verina group, a Greek-family-owned business, strives to show guests the authentic character of Sifnos, carefully curating experiences and expeditions where guests can explore centuries-old traditions including culinary workshops, arts and crafts classes that highlight the island’s famed ceramics, boat excursions to uninhabited isles with crystal-clear turquoise waters, and incredible, music-filled feasts in secluded monasteries only accessible on foot.  

Verina Astra is a 16-suite property that offers privacy, discretion and tranquility in an iconic corner of this beautiful Cycladic island. Each elegant, independent suite boasts a private terrace with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and neighboring islands, the blue-and white church of Panagia Poulati, and the majestic Kastro (castle). Rates vary from 180 EUR to 925 EUR.

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