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The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring will be on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for eight weeks from early February next year. Its regular home at the Mauritshuis in the Hague, under the title My Girl with a Pearl, is therefore appealing to everyone worldwide to be inspired by Vermeer’s masterpiece. Submit your Girl for a chance to have your photo hung in the familiar place of the Girl, in ‘her’ gallery.

The presentation My Girl with a Pearl shows that the Girl is recognisable in everything and everyone. In a son or daughter, in buttons, an onion or a sardine can. All (art) forms are allowed: a photo, a drawing, a painting, sculpted, embroidered or knitted, as long as the photo of your creation is sent digitally to the museum.

On Instagram, the Mauritshuis has started the account @mygirlwithapearl.

Incredibly famous

Thousands of people are inspired by the Girl, dress like her or even dress things like her. Why is she so incredibly famous? On every top-10 list of the world’s most famous paintings is the Girl. We don’t know exactly what the magic of the Girl is, but the fact is that she has become an icon of painting and a symbol of beauty. The room where the Girl hangs will temporarily become a place of inspiration with as many Girls together as possible, from home and abroad. 

DIY Girl with a Pearl Earring

From 6 February, everyone will have the chance to hang in the Girl’s spot. We will show as many Girls as possible in a real picture frame. The best photos submitted will be digitally displayed in a loop on the spot where the Girl normally hangs. Selected images will be hung elsewhere in the room and there will be all kinds of information about the Girl and why she is (probably) such an inspiration for many.

From 10 February, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will host the largest Vermeer exhibition in history. As many as 28 paintings by the master are coming to Amsterdam. Of course, among them are Vermeer’s three paintings from the Mauritshuis: View of DelftDiana and Her Nymphs and the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Paul Schuiling, cultural partnerships advisor Nationale-Nederlanden: ‘We are going to miss the Girl with a Pearl Earring tremendously at her permanent home in the Mauritshuis. But at the same time, we see that so many people are inspired by this world-famous painting. That is why the Mauritshuis and Nationale-Nederlanden are calling on creative talent to send in their beautiful variations. That way, we give that talent a stage in this special place.’

Click here for all information on submitting your My Girl-creation.

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