Shedir Collection continues the expansion of its portfolio, announcing the opening of Palazzo Roma in November 2023. Located in one of the most iconic streets in Rome, Palazzo Roma sits on Via Del Corso, and occupies four floors of a building previously owned by local aristocrats and members of the Roman noblesse.
The property is an unrevealed museum featuring original frescoes, coffered ceilings, wood paneling, Versailles teak parquet, and rare marbles adding depth and texture to the look and feel of the property.
With 39 rooms and suites, Palazzo Roma wants to celebrate the historic features of an aristocratic home with an innovative and modern disruptive approach. This new modern-day aristocratic home offers guests a refined balance between heritage and modernity, redefining the concept of luxury hospitality in Rome. Here, the splendor of the past meets contemporary luxury and hospitality.

The vision behind the property’s design follows an overall attention to detail delivering a look and feel that merges contrasting colors, materials, and surfaces in the most harmonious way, always in full respect for the heritage of the building. Behind the design is Milan based architect Giampiero Panepinto, also known also for his work with Hotel Vilon and Capri Tiberio Palace.

His vision for Palazzo Roma and overall attention to detail delivered a look and feel that merges contrasting colours, materials, and surfaces in the most harmonious way. Always in full respect for the heritage of the building.

“Working on this project was very rewarding, particularly when we came across many elements that we were adamant about preserving such as frescos and wood paneling,” Panepinto said. “Respect and conservation of the building features have been my mantra since we started the works two years ago. Incorporating those elements with a modern-day vision of aristocracy allowed us to create a space that is both luxurious and friendly, intimate and authentic – a true representation of Shedir Collection’s hospitality ethos.”

Palazzo Roma Rooms and suites

The property includes 39 keys between rooms and suites where 39 characteristic patterns using nine different types of marble are displayed, each bathroom being unique. Each one features a distinctive floor plan to respect the building and preserve its original heritage.

Noteworthy design details can be seen throughout the rooms – intarsia wood on the first-floor ceilings, fabric wallpapers on the second and third floors or the use of marble to create ‘Salles de Marbre” which takes inspiration from the French term for bathrooms.
A particularly stunning suite can be found on the first floor, including a private balcony overlooking Via del Corso, this 107-square-meter and 5-metert ceiling aims to celebrate the powerful women figures of our times such as Madonna, Princess Diana or Angela Merkel, as well as some fictional characters like Minnie Mouse.
Three other panoramic suites with terraces open to the highest level, offering stunning views of Rome’s terracotta-colored rooftops. Ancient pergolas allow for an increased sense of privacy, while still establishing an unexpected bond with the city and its urban landmarks.

Palazzo Roma Public spaces

The Palazzo Roma property features a secluded entrance on Via del Corso that opens directly to the lobby area, a restaurant area on the first floor:

  • In the Lobby, known as the “Sala della Musica”, a grand piano stands out in what was once the mansion’s ballroom and is today a space that celebrates the art of music. In the middle, a statue of Euterpe – the goddess of music – can be seen, as well as installations with photographs of musical artists and classical composers. Precious marbles such as Bardiglio, Giallo Siena, Nero Marquinia, or Carrara add the ultimate touch of luxury to the room. 
  • Just in the next room, the bar offers an elegant atmosphere where guests are invited to savor signature drinks.
  • “Sala degli Orologi” is decorated with ceiling panels, while walls feature bold red pompeiano elements. Collectors will be delighted with the central piece in the room – a stunning collection of 150 watches.
  • The on-property restaurant, spearheaded by Executive Chef Federico Sartucci, presents a picturesque ambience, surrounded by breathtaking frescoes adorning the walls from floor to ceiling, crystal chandeliers and an elegant piano that evokes a sense of royalty. The proposed cuisine draws inspiration from Roman tradition and the Chef’s extensive travels, employing various techniques to achieve unparalleled flavours. 

About Palazzo Roma 

Situated in Via del Corso, between Piazza Venezia and Via Condotti, Palazzo Roma extends a warm welcome to its guests, steeped in a legacy of aristocracy and Roman nobility. As one steps into this grand palazzo, the exquisite original frescoes, intricately coffered ceilings, and exceptional rare marbles unfold in all their splendor.

Visitors will find themselves captivated by the opulence of a bygone era when aristocrats graciously hosted travelers in their residences, all the while providing contemporary comforts and genuine, unparalleled hospitality. The 39 keys property is located on Via Del Corso and invites guests and visitors to a Music Room, A Watches Room, The Uniforms Bar and the Cherubini Restaurant. 

About Shedir Collection

Shedir Collection is a luxury hotel group in Italy specializing in management and development in the hospitality industry. Their motto is to make their guests feel like a “home away from home blending the boundaries between hospitality, intimacy and authenticity They currently have 3 operating properties in Italy and plan to expand in Rome and Milan. All the Shedir Collection’s hotels are infused with Italian DNA, modern designs and a cozy atmosphere and are located in the best area of each destination to live like a local. 

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