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Get ready! The Summer Olympics will be held in Paris from July 26-August 11, 2024.

Elite athletes from all over the world will convene in the City of Lights with hopes of taking home a gold medal after years of preparation. The event showcases the pinnacle of human athleticism, dedication, and determination. And who doesn’t love watching the grand spectacles of the opening and closing ceremonies that can bring tears to our eyes?

I have loved watching the Olympics since I was a child. There’s something so special about athletes from around the globe coming together to compete and celebrate the camaraderie of sport.

To help us get ready, the personal finance website WalletHub has shared interesting facts about the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. We’ve added some of our own historical background that might be a bit surprising.

  • The Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece around 776 BC and were revived in the late 19th century in Athens.
  • The official languages of the Summer Olympics are English and French as they are the official languages of the International Olympic Committee.
  • The Olympic rings signify the unity of the world’s 5 major regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana. At least one of the colors of blue, yellow, black, green and red appear in the flags of every nation.
  • The Olympic Flame is ignited in Olympia, Greece and then travels by relay to the host city of the Summer Olympics. It symbolizes the passing of the Olympic spirit from one generation to the next.
  • The host city designs the Olympic medals for their games. The gold medals must be covered in six grams of gold and silver medals must contain 92.7 percent silver.
  • The opening ceremony procession is always led by the Greeks and ended by the host country team. All other participating countries in the Parade of Nations go in alphabetical order.

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Statistics

Paris' Eiffel Tower.
Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Photo courtesy of Pixabay
  • It has been 100 years since Paris hosted the last Summer Olympics. The first two events were in 1900 and 1924. The only other city to have hosted the summer games three times was London.
  • Athletes from 206 countries and a total of 10.5K participants will compete in the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad.
  • The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will cover 329 sporting events in 39 venues.
  • Five thousand medals made with 18 grams of iron from the Eiffel Tower are up for grabs across 45 disciplines in 32 sports.
  • One hundred percent renewable energy will be used at all Olympic venues and 1.58 million tons of CO2 emissions will be prevented mainly through Paris’ strategy to reduce travel distances. From another healthy environmental perspective, Paris expects a 50% reduction in single-use plastics compared to the previous Olympics.
  • An estimated three billion euros in public funding and seven billion more in private funding are being spent on the Paris Games. Tourists traveling to the Games are expected to spend an additional 2.6 billion euros.
  • Forty-five thousand security personnel will work the Paris games.
  • Ten sports have disappeared completely from the Olympic schedule since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and include croquet, cricket, polo and lacrosse. However, a new sport will be making its debut in 2024: breaking, an urban dance style that originated in the U.S. in the 1970s with roots in the hip-hop culture of the Bronx.
  • Four billion global viewers are expected for the 2024 Summer Olympics with 74 percent preferring to watch live when scheduling allows and 50 percent watching TV highlights and replays of earlier events.
  • Paris is the most vulnerable European capital when it comes to heatwaves. An all-time high of 115 degrees F (46.1 C). But it is also ranked 13th in the world’s safest cities for 2024.
  • Fifty percent of hotels are fully booked for Olympics opening night ceremonies with a 200 percent increase in hotel pricing for this event.

It only happens every four years, so prepare yourself for what should be an amazing 18 days of Olympic competition that will no doubt bring remarkable achievements and record-breaking performances.

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