The fall season in Zurich, Switzerland is an ideal time of year to explore the city, thanks to mild temperatures, seasonal specialties, events and festivals. Below are a few of the many unique offerings that visitors can experience this autumn in Zurich. 


Zurich’s culinary scene comes alive in autumn with seasonal mushrooms and other specialties such as fondue.

The urban forests around the city grow multiple types of mushrooms during the fall, including porcini, puffball and parasol mushrooms. These mushrooms are used in a variety of dishes, including traditional Swiss fondue served at restaurants throughout the city. 


Fall is also the perfect time of year to experience a serene afternoon on Lake Zurich where travelers can spend the afternoon on a Sauna Boat floating on the water in the middle of the lake. After detoxing in the sauna, guests can cool down by jumping straight into the waters of Lake Zurich, surrounded by incredible views of the city and the Alps.

Autumn is also the perfect time of year to explore nature in and around Zurich, which is home to some 70 parks and green spaces, ranging from museum parks to botanical gardens to lakeside promenades.

Travelers can also explore the city via an e-bike tour to get a glimpse of some of the city’s incredible architecture and public artworks, as well as explore quieter residential areas and the scenic shores of Lake Zurich. 


Now in its second year, Zurich Design Weeks (August 31 – September 19, 2023), Switzerland’s largest design festival, will feature special exhibitions, workshops and talks centered around design in the city.

This year’s theme is “TRANSITION,” and will welcome the public to studios and shops throughout the city, as well as showcase new works from prominent brands and designers.


At the annual FOOD ZURICH (September 7-17, 2023), foodies can sample the best of Zurich’s culinary offerings, ranging from traditional Swiss dishes from legendary restaurants to new trends from up-and-coming young chefs. During this 11-day event, more than 100 food-focused events will take place throughout the city, including cooking classes, workshops, tastings and food tours.

The 2023 theme is the “Culinary Future,” focusing on health and wellbeing when it comes to cuisine, as well as the environment, sustainable food trends and promoting local cuisine. Events this year include a tour of ethical chocolate factories in Zurich, a cheese-making workshop, and a cooking class on plant-based street food


Now in its fourth year, DIGITAL ART ZURICH (October 19 – 29, 2023) will present works from outstanding international artists, focusing on the new, virtual realities of digital media. Taking place at venues throughout the city, the festival will feature exhibitions, panels, talks, workshops, guided tours and more.

The goal of the festival is to showcase artistry while encouraging discussions on global social developments and the influence of digitalization on our everyday lives.

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